Car Inner Ornament Vertical Flammability Testing Equipment ASTM D5132

Car Inner Ornament Vertical Flammability Testing Equipment ASTM D5132

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Car Inner Ornament Vertical Flammability Tester



Product information:

The burn resistance tester conforms to the standard of ISO379,ASTM D5132. It is suitable for evaluating the horizontal firing characteristic of the interior decoration material of car (including limousine, multi-purpose passenger car, truck and coach).

This tester is composed of control box, combustion box body, combustion lamp, solenoid valve, high pressure igniter, thermometer, signal control line and upper and lower bracket of test specimen. The control box and combustion box are made of stainless steel. It has nice exterior with resistance to corrosion of smoke and gas. What’s more, the control system of this device is with high degree of automation. For example, autoignition, automatic air supply, self-clocking and automatically end test. It is easy observe and record and it is stable and reliable to use.


Model specification and technical parameters:


Parameter model



Car interior decoration material

Up to standard

ISO379,ASTM D5132

Time for applying flame


Burning time


Burning angle

The height between blast burning and test specimen

19mm(adjustable nozzle centre below the centre of free end of specimen)

Metal comb

Length is at least 110mm, have 7~8 smooth crenations of every  25mm

Blast burner

Nozzle jet inner diameter Ø9.5±0.1mm effective length 100mm,have air louver

Flame height

can be adjusted from 20mm to 100mm according to standard requirement

Meter covering


Gas category

high purity liquefied gas

Power supply

AC 220V±10%,50Hz



Remark: It is not equipped with the fuming cupboard


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Flammability Testing Equipment

Flammability Testing Equipment

Flammability Testing Equipment