Black Audio Video Test Equipment / Temperature Measurement Corner

Black Audio Video Test Equipment / Temperature Measurement Corner

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IEC60335-1Clause 11.2 Temperature Measurement Corner HJ0601


Product information:

This test corner conforms to the standard requirement of IEC60335-1Clause 11.2. It is designed and manufactured To Provide The Required Environment For The Temperature Rising Test of all kinds of electrical, electrical products. It can be customized according to the different testing samples.

The number on every connector socket and the test point number on the test corner are corresponding (see test point distribution).

This test corner adopts K-Thermocouple for measuring.


Technical parameters:

1. Inner size: L*W*H: 600*600*1000mm (Side plate*2, base plate*1,top plate*1)

2. Thermocouple: The diameter of the thermocouple is less than 0.3mm

3. The thermocouple arrangement: All lead on a connection line (optionally equipped with thermocouple plug and socket)

4. The sheet copper used for temperature measurement: the diameter of 15mm and the thickness of 1mm.

5.The number of temperature measuring points: 32 points(Both sides of the plate are 12 points for each, 8 points on the base plate)

6.The arrangement of temperature measuring points: 100*100mm, square stationing.

7.Plywood: The thickness is 20mm and the front side is painted with Berlin black and the reverse side is with gray film plate.

8. The movable part: there are 4 removable wheels installed on the bottom of the device.


Test point distribution diagram: