Automatic Kettle Life - Span Single Station Tester 0-16A Load Current Adjustable IEC60335-2-15

Automatic Kettle Life - Span Single Station Tester 0-16A Load Current Adjustable IEC60335-2-15

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IEC60335-2-15 Automatic Kettle Life-Span Single Station Tester 0-16A Load Current Adjustable


Product Introduction

This test equipment confirms to IEC60335-2-15 clause 19.3 and clause 22.103 standard requirements. It is used for the kettles’ dry heating test, water boiling test and insertion & withdraw with or without current test, it can be widely used in production line detection and laboratory measurement.


Technical Parameters


1. Input voltage: Single-phase 220V / 50HZ.

2. Load voltage: Single phase 0-250V is adjustable, current 0-16A is adjustable.

3. One working stations, one group of load, one set of clamp.

4. Program mode: Air cooling, Water Cooling, Water Boiling, Insertion & Withdraw W/Current, Insertion & Withdraw W/O Current. Each test is carried out independently, each program can be selected on the touch screen.

5. Injection Time / Pouring Time: 0-9999s is adjustable, the amount of water is adjustable.

6. Insertion & withdraw time: 0-9999s can be preset, residence time of the insertion & withdraw is adjustable, the residence time of the insertion & withdraw can be calculated out according to insert & withdraw times/min, the insert & withdraw speed is adjustable.

7. Test times: 0-999999 times can be set, the default value of the insert & withdraw test is 10000 times.

8. Air pressure 0.5-0.6Mpa, the air compressor needs to be equipped by user.

9. Alarm: Test Completion alarm, non-conduction alarm during load test, non-conduction over-time alarm during water boiling and drying test.


1ControlMitsubishi PLC
2DisplayTouch screen
3SpeedControlled by cylinder, can be adjusted by manual regulating throttle
4Test times0~999999, can be preset
5Time0-999.9s, can be preset
6ClampThe position of the clamp should be manual adjusted
7Load current and voltage0-16A,0-250V, adjustable
8Load and non-load testCan be automatically switched
9Test stationOne
10Power supplySingle phase 220V, 50Hz

Product Feature

1. This equipment is controlled by PLC electrical system, the whole operation is controlled on the touch screen, all the parameters can be preset on the touch screen, include every selection mode of the kettle, the touch screen with the functions of manual operation, automatic operation and real-time display.

2. With multi-function clamp, the height is adjustable, it is suitable for testing different kinds of the kettles.

3. Load test and non-load test can be automatically switched, each station can be tested independently, the device is with built-in load, the output voltage and current can be adjusted according to the standard requirements.

4. This equipment adopts floor stand structure, with casters so that it can move freely, rigid frame, and aluminum sandblasting clamp, the stability is better, the appearance is elegant and the practicality is strong.


Maintenance And Precautions

1. Regular maintenance for the equipment, don't work in moister or having water condition, work in well ventilated areas.

2. Take away the sample and close the air source and water source and turn off the power if user no needs to continue any test after completing the test.

3. Do not touch the heating component of the kettle avoid scalding during testing.


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