Automatic Electrical Appliance Tester IEc60335-2-9 Toaster Switch Durability Tester

Automatic Electrical Appliance Tester IEc60335-2-9 Toaster Switch Durability Tester

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Automatic Electrical Appliance Tester IEc60335-2-9 Toaster Switch Durability Tester



Product information:


The device is used to check switch of the toasters, and conform to the IEc60335-2-9 clause 19.101.Toasters are operated at rated power input and under normal operation, but without bread, for six cycles of operation. The appliance is then allowed to cool to approximately room temperature. This test is carried out 500 times.

The mechanism shall operate satisfactorily and no sustained arcing shall occur. Electrical connections shall not work loose.



Technical parameters:


1, Input voltage:220V/50Hz;

2, Test number:1~9999 times(four digit);

3, Cooling fan power:100W;

4, Temperature detecting device:infrared thermometry system(Optional);

5, Equipped with longitudinal and transverse button. The spring is used for buffering which can protect the button from damage.

6, It is equipped with the apparatus which can automatically detect the working current of the samples. The upper limit and the lower limit of current detection can be adjusted. And there is a light for status indication;

7, Drive mode:Electric(the parts of the machine are electrically driven .

8, Time can be set separately. They are: conduction time(0~99min),power-off time(0~99min),Cooling time(0~99min)

9, Dimension:530*670*830mm



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