Automated IEC60335-1 Lab Test Equipment CTI PTI Material Insulation

Automated IEC60335-1 Lab Test Equipment CTI PTI Material Insulation

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Automated IEC60335-1 Lab Test Equipment CTI PTI Material Insulation



Product information:


We have designed a series of leakage tracking test apparatus for solid insulating materials, the new version one has a additional pressure / frequency regulator , thus , the test equipment can control the water dripping speed and time much more accurately


This tester is designed and manufactured according to the standard requirement of IEC60112,IEC60695, IEC60335-1,IEC60598-1,UL746A and ASTM D3638-92 and etc..


KingPo has a strong ability in R&D, we have many sucessful cases with offering our proposals and test equipment that achieved our customer's special testing requirements. You are welcome here, if you have any inquries about test equipment.


Technical parameters :


Parameter model


Control Meter

Working voltage

220V/50Hz or 110V/60HZ

Testing voltage

0~600V adjustable,precision 1.5%

Timing device



Platinum electrode and brass electrode each for a pair

Electrode dimension



Electrode included angle and distance

60°±5°,distance is (4±0.1㎜)

Electrode pressure

1.00N±0.05N(digital display is optional)

The interval of dropping liquid


Dropping liquid height


Dropping liquid delay

0.2S(solenoid valve opening time)

Dropping liquid size

45~50 drip/cm3

Time-delay circuit

2±0.1S(in 0.5A or larger current)

Short-circuit pressure drop

8% MAX

Short-circuit current

1±0.1A   1%

Wind speed


With a pressure / frequency regulator, can adjust the dripping pressure and frequency 

Environmental requirement

0~40℃,relative humidity≤80%,in the place of no obvious vibration and corrosive gas

conforms to standard

IEC60695, IEC60112,IEC60335-1,IEC60598-1,UL746A and ASTM D3638-92 



Other versions (Pictures for reference):


LT-1 (0.1m³)


LT-2 (0.5m³)


LT-3 (0.5m³ PLC Touch Screen Version)

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IEC Test Equipment

IEC Test Equipment