Audio Video Information Electric Vibration Test System With Power Amplifier , Controller And Cooling Fan

Audio Video Information Electric Vibration Test System With Power Amplifier , Controller And Cooling Fan

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IEC 60065 Audio Video Information Test Electric Vibration Test System



Electric vibration test system DC-2000


Product information:

The vibration test system consists of four parts: vibration test bench, power amplifier, controller and cooling fan.


1. Vibration test bench

The working principle of the vibrating table:

The energizing conductor is driven by the electromagnetic force in the magnetic field. When the dynamic circle in the magnetic circuit of the electromagnetic vibrating bench passes the alternating current signal, an exciting force is generated in the magnetic circuit.





Dynamic circle :

The most important part of the electric vibration table is the dynamic circle, the dynamic circle is an active system. It drives the coil which is placed in the working air gap generated by the magnetic circuit system, to achieve free up and down vibrations by energizing the drive coil.


Excitation coil:

The excitation coil of the electric vibrating table is divided into upper excitation and lower excitation. The two together with the dynamic coil form two mutually perpendicular magnetic fields. The coils are cut to each other to generate magnetic induction force when energized, in this way, the vibration bench generates the required exciting force by cutting between the dynamic coil and the excitation.


2. Power amplifier

The working principle of the power amplifier: the three-phase AC power is isolated by the power frequency transformer, the buck is sent to the three-phase full-bridge filter, and then the low-ripple DC power supply is sent to the H-bridge transformer through the capacitor filtering, and the output voltage wave passes the normal mode and The common mode choke coil, and is filtered and output to the vibrating table.


3. Control part

Our controller uses the world's most advanced DSP framework and control algorithm, 32-bit floating-point 450MHz DSP processor, high-performance 24-bit ADC, up to 130dB dynamic range, ensuring reliable control quality. At the same time, the controller can provide you with the most comprehensive vibration control software module, including: random, sinusoidal, classic shock, resonance search and dwell, shock response spectrum control, sine plus random, sine plus sine, random plus random, long-term waveform Reproduction and other accessibility features. Each function module provides basic and optional functions, and the user can customize the required functions as needed.



(The above units can be built into the power amplifier box for overall operation or can be placed separately)


4. Vertical Expansion Countertop





Vibration generator (DC-2000)
Sine Force2000kgf (20000N)
Random Force2000kgf (20000N)
Impact Force4000kgf (40000N)
Frequency Range5~3000Hz
Continuous Displacement(Amplitude)0-51mm, preset
Vibration Isolation Frequency2.5Hz
Level One Resonant Frequency2600±5%Hz
Countertop Screw17*M10
Magnetic Flux Leakage<1MT
Maximum Speed2m/s
Maximum Acceleration980m/s2 (100g)
Equivalent Mass of Moving Parts20kg
Dynamic Coil DiameterΦ280mm
Max. Loading300Kg
Switching Power Amplifier (KA-21)
Amplifier Output21KVA
Rated Output Voltage120Vrms
Signal to Noise Ratio>65dB
Power Amplifier Efficiency>95%
System ProtectionTemperature protection, over-displacement protection, over-voltage protection, over-current protection, under-voltage protection, external protection, logic fault protection
Vertical Expansion Countertop(TB-1010)
Table Size1000mm×1000mm
Table Weight60kg
Highest frequency200Hz
Level Table (S-1010) Optional
Table Size1000mm×1000mm
Table Weight60kg
Highest frequency200Hz
Computer and Related Accessories
MonitorCustomized according to the reserved position of the electric chamber
Fan Power7.5KW
Air volume0.71M3/s
Wind Pressure3.5Kpa
Duct length4m
Frequency Range0.3-8000Hz±10%
Measuring Range2000g
Impact Resistance2500g
Line length5m
Operating Temperature-40-150℃
Installation MethodM5