Audio Video Apparatus IEC Test Equipment Dielectric Strength Test Instrument

Audio Video Apparatus IEC Test Equipment Dielectric Strength Test Instrument

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Dielectric Strength Test Instrument HX9801




This device is used to test the dielectric strength of the insulating material.

Confirm to IEC60950 Safety of information technology equipment, IEC60065-1 Audio, video and similar electronic apparatus-Safety requirements, UL1310 Class 2 Power Units clause 40.2.


Test sample: Insulating materials of audio video apparatus.


Feature: equipped with two test bars, anable this device to conduct different tests of different standards.

The clamp is applicable of two kinds: Ф5-100 andФ6.8-50. For different testing samples, different metal bar and testing bar are adopted. This testing apparatus is equipped with two kinds of metal bar. They are separately 100g and 50g.


Technical parameters:

Test objectInsulating materials of audio video apparatus
Reference standardIEC 60065-1, IEC 60950-1
Testdielectric strength test
Metal bars2 pc
Mass of metal bars100g and 50g
Size of metal barsФ5-100 and Ф6.8-50
Dimension350mmx 200mmx 300mm



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IEC Test Equipment

IEC Test Equipment

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