Adjustable IEC60068-2-63 Impact Test Apparatus Spring Hammer Tester 250g With User Manual

Adjustable IEC60068-2-63 Impact Test Apparatus Spring Hammer Tester 250g With User Manual

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Adjustable IEC60068-2-63 Impact Test Apparatus Spring Hammer Tester  user manual SH-1.pdf




Product details:


The Spring Hammer (Impact hammer) is made according to the standards of IEC60068-2-63 and IEC60068-2-75.This spring hammer is available to test the impact resistance of the electronic and electrical products, as an indispensable test device for the safety performance detection of the electrical products.

Spring shock device is suitable for testing the mechanical strength of products, such as household and similar electrical appliances, electronic products, lamps, electrical accessories shell, operating arm, handle, knob, indicating lamp, signal lamp and so on, to ensure that the tested products can withstand possible reckless operations and other accidents, operating normally, safely and reliably.


Technical parameters:


energy J


(Multi energy, adjustable)

Allowable error±10%
The weight of Impact element250g±5g
The power<10N
The whole weight1450g±10g





The device is mainly composed of a body, the impact components and the elastic load release mechanism. The main body consists of release mechanism, impact components and all of the components installed in the main body. The impact component includes a hammer, hammer lever and an operating handle.


Working principle:


Spring hammer generates standard energy mainly by the standard quality of various components and the movement of hammer spring. When pulling the operating handle, the release jaws fall on the release point of the impact component, then the hammer spring is compressed. When the compression amount is different, the spring will release different energy, which has already been calibrated in the energy calibrating device in the factory.


Method of application:


  • According to the related standards, please fix (or place) the sample, then choose the corresponding energy needed through rotating the plate.

  • Choose the impact test point. And pull the operating handle of the hammer, until the release jaws engage with and the hammer lever teeth (you will hear at this time" the click " sound ). Then the device is in a ready state.

  • Make the device be vertically opposite to the impact test points on the surface of the sample and touch it, then push the device, making the impact component release, to finally strike the sample.


A. After calibrating the device, don’t disassemble it or adjust the compression amount of the spring.


B. If the compression amount of the springs is adjusted, the device must be checked by the measurement department before being used. Otherwise, the accuracy of testing results will be directly influenced.


C. In order to prevent changes of impact energy caused by misadjustment, the products have been sealed in the factory. If you have any question, please contact our factory, who will provide you three guarantees and post-technical services.


D. Measures should be taken to prevent the rust of the hammer spring (drying moistureproof processing).


E. Requirements for environmental conditions: temperature 5~35℃, humidity 45 ~ 75%.