9.1kg Motorized Elevating Battery Weight Impact Testing Machine Single Door

9.1kg Motorized Elevating Battery Weight Impact Testing Machine Single Door

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9.1kg Stainless Steel Single Door Motorized Elevating Battery Weight Impact Testing Machine




IEC62133,IEC60086-4 clause 6.5.2,IEC 60086-1 , UL1642, UL2054-2005, UN38.3, GB/T 18287-2013 , SJ/T 11169-1998,YD 1268- 2003,SJ/T 11170-1998 , GB/T 2900.11-1988 ,MT/T 1051-2007 ,GB31241-2014 and etc.




To test battery safety performance through different hammer and different stress areas from different height. The battery verifies as qualified on the condition of no flames or explosion after this heave impact test.


Test Method


Test specimens is placed on a plane. A bar with its diameter at 15.8mm placed on the central position of test specimens in cross direction. A heavy of 9.1kg drop free from a height of 610mm down to the test specimens. Each test specimen have to bear a impact test and each test need different test specimens.




Drop Ball Weight9.1kg
Dropping Height0~880mm (The heavy can raise to a height and release to ensure the heave drop free without incline and swing)
Control MethodPLC Touch Screen Control+ Remote Control
Crossing Bar Diameter15.8 mm (Place on central position in cross direction and the heavy bar and steel bar is parallel to battery bottom)
Test SpaceW300 X D300 X H300mm
Internal MaterialSUS 304# Stainless steel(thickness 1.0mm compensation and external chamber thickness 80mm)
External MaterialCool-Rolled Plate ( thickness 1.0mm)
Air Vent150mm, on the top of back of chamber
Chamber GateSingle Door, Viewing Window, cold-rolled door lock
Viewing Window Size390 X 360mm(20mm Dual layer glass explosion proof film)
Elevating MethodMotorized
Top/bottom impact surfaceSteel Plate
Chamber SizeW940 X D780 X H1620mm
Power SourceAC 220V
Gross WeightAbout 250KG



1. Standard configuration with 9.1kg heavy and diameter of 15.8mm crossbar ( to meet different standards) ;

2. Encoder displays the height with intelligent control 0~700mm controllable(easy to operate);

3. Double column design with the heavy drop free to reduce the friction between the heavy and wall around and ensure an safety

4. Air vents is designed with to discharge the smell from test room;

5. Dual- layer explosion-proof viewing glass, explosion chamber with independent controller, easy to operate.





9.1Kg Heavy1pcs
15.8mm crossing bar1strip
Battery Fixture1set
User Manual1Copy