6 Workstations Plug Socket Tester

6 Workstations Plug Socket Tester

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 Plug-Socket Switch Making And Breaking Durability Tester 


The test machine is designed and manufactured according to IEC60884-1, IEC61058-1, IEC60669-1standards and etc. It is applicable for household and similar fixed electrical installations’ breaking 
capacity and normal operation life test, also suitable for testing household and similar usage plug/ 
socket’s breaking capacity and normal operation life . The purpose is assessing whether the switch is able to withstand the normal use of mechanical damage and electrical fatigue damage, and whether the 
contact points has adhesion phenomenon, 
long-term closed or disconnected phenomena, to examine whether the test samples excessive worn and have other harmful consequences. It is special test equipment for switches and plug-sockets electrical endurance test.


Technical Parameters 


Parameters Name

Parameter Data


AC110V,60Hz or AC220V, 50Hz

Work station

6 work stations, three linear stations, three rotary station

Operation interface

7 inch color LCD touch screen

Drive mode

Servo motor

Control system


Test times

0~999999 times, can be preset

Conduction time

0~999.9s, can be preset

Break time

0~999.9s, can be preset

Test  angle

0-360°,  can be preset

Numbers of test angles

Angle 1~15 , can be preset

Test stroke

Linear: 0 ~ 100mm, adjustable

Rotation: 1~359°, adjustable

Test speed

Linear: 10 ~ 200mm/s, adjustable

Rotation: 0 ~ 360° /s, adjustable

Test environment

Atmospheric pressure 80 ~ 106kpa;

Ambient temperature 5 ~ 40℃; Relative humidity (20 ~ 90)%RH; 

Use place: no violent shaking, no vibration, no electromagnetic interference, 

no dust, noexplosive or corrosive gas, good heat dissipation