60335 - 2 - 15 IEC Test Equipment Cordless Kettles Appliance Coupler To Withstand Stresses

60335 - 2 - 15 IEC Test Equipment Cordless Kettles Appliance Coupler To Withstand Stresses

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60335 - 2 - 15 IEC Test Equipment Cordless Kettles Appliance Coupler To Withstand Stresses



Product information:
The kettle insert-withdraw endurance tester is designed and manufactured according to the standard IEC60335 -2- 15 clause 22.103, used to test the service life of the cordless kettle’ base contact. This device can be preset the number of trials (up to 999999 times), can do load test and non load test. It can automatically record the number of test times and the number of conduction times during the testing, when the actual test times reaches to the preset test times, the device will automatically shuts down.
1. This test device is controlled by PLC electrical system, adopts stepper motor drive ball screw to realize the reciprocating actions of the manipulator
2. Full-touch mode of operation, parameters can be preset, including the number of test times, time, stroke and speed etc., with the functions of manual adjustment and real-time location display, so that can be more precise and effective to adjust the compatibility between the sample and test device
3. Multifunction fixture, the height is adjustable so that can meet different kettle’s test.
4. Load test and non-load test can be automatically switch, can be also independently tested, built-in load of the device, begin the test by inserting the kettle into the base seat.
5. With auxiliary mechanism, can effectively complete the switch-off operation of the load test;
6. Adopt floor structure, with casters can move freely, rigid chassis, good stability, spray seal plate, aluminum sandblasting fixtures, beautiful and practical.
Technical parameters:




Auxiliary mechanism


Operation way

Touch screen control

Touch screen control



0-100mm can be preset

0-25mm can be preset



0-100mm/s can be preset

0-25mm/s can be preset


Number of trials

0~999999, can be preset

0~999999, can be preset



0-999.9s can be preset

0-999.9s can be preset



Manipulator fixture

Auxiliary mechanism fixture


Load current and voltage

0-250V, 0-15A adjustable


Load test and non-load test

Automatic switching


Work station



Power supply

220V / 50Hz


Dimensions and weight



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