50W 500W Mitsubishi PLC Plastic Vertical Horizontal Flammability Tester UL94 Fire Chamber

50W 500W Mitsubishi PLC Plastic Vertical Horizontal Flammability Tester UL94 Fire Chamber

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50W 500W Mitsubishi PLC Plastic Vertical Horizontal Flammability Tester UL94 Fire Chamber
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KingPo's series of horizontal-vertical flame test apparatus are designed and manufactured according to UL94,IEC60695-11-2, IEC60695-11-3, IEC60695-11-4, IEC60695-11-20.


These flammability testers simulate the influence of early-stage flame when there is a fire around the electric and electronic products, so that to judge the igniting danger degree. Mainly used in plastic and other non-metallic material sample, solid material. It is also applicable in the Horizontal, vertical flammability test of the relative combustion characteristic of foam plastics whose density is no-less than 250kg/m according to ISO845 test method.

This 50W and 500W horizontal-vertical flame test equipment adopts the advanced Mitsubishi PLC intelligent control system, 7 inches touch screen, with humanized operation interface, and with remote wireless sensors operation so that record more precise; using integral intake ignition systems, the combustion time delays 0.1S, thus to make sure the sufficient time of gas burning.


The testers adopt to matte black background, multi-functional flame measure gauge to make the flame adjustment works easier, box full of stainless steel, large observation window, imported fire control systems, nice appearance. And they are gathering a number of advantages of similar products home and abroad, stable performance and easy to operate, it is the first choice for metrological service and laboratory.
Main specifications and technical parameters




Meet the standards

IEC60695,GB5169,UL94,UL498,UL1363,UL498A and UL817


220V,50HZ or 110V, 60Hz

Operating system

Mitsubishi PLC control,Weinview 7 inch color touch screen operation


Diameter 9.5mm ± 0.5mm,length 100mm,Imported products,conform to ASTM5025

Burning angle


Flame height

20mm~125mm±1mm adjustable

Timing device

9999X0.1s can be preset


Φ0.5mm Omega K-type thermocouple

Thermometry distance


Temperature measurement

MAX 1100°C

Gas flow

Using imported flowmeter,105 ± 10 ml/min and 965±30ml/min adjustable,precision 1%

Height of water column

Using imported U-tube, the height difference is less than 10mm

Checking time


Thermometry copper head

Ф5.5mm,1.76± 0.01 g;Ф9mm±0.01mm10 ± 0 .05 g,Cu-ETP purity:99.96%

Gas category


Box volume

More than 1 cube,black matte background with exhaust fan

Flammability Testing Equipment

Flammability Testing Equipment

Flammability Testing Equipment