4 Work Stations Small Household Appliances Power Cord Bending Test Machine IEC60335

4 Work Stations Small Household Appliances Power Cord Bending Test Machine IEC60335

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Small Household Appliances Power Cord Bending Test Machine



Product overview


The small household appliances power cord bending test machine is designed and manufactured according to IEC600335-1 and IEC60335-2-14, it is used to test the power cords’ bending capacity

of the non-reclosing plugs and household appliances and similar electrical appliances (electric tools).


The test device can be preset the test times (maximum 999999 times), the testing can be stop 

automatically, and the test times can be counted automatically, when the numbers of test times 

reach to the preset value, the equipment will automatically shut down and the sound signal which 

indicates the end of the test occurs. Can process load on and off testing when it is connected to 

the load box.


Technical parameters


Work station

4 stations

Bending angle

Left and right each 45 °, unilateral 180 °,adjustable

Bending rate


Load weight

20N*6 and 113g*6, 284g*4(customized)


4 counters corresponding to each independent station

Mechanical principles

Motor drives the slider-crank motion on the slowdown box 

Disconnection instructions

LED display with sound alarm



Power Specifications

220V, 60Hz or 110V, 50Hz


Operation Steps:

1. Preparation work: Access the power supply of 230V, 50Hz, press the power switch, at this time the power indicator light is on, indicate the power has been plugged in, frequency transformer is shown as “0”, the red indicator light of the stop button is on, this shows that the equipment is in preparatory work state, it can start working if press the start button.


2.Counter adjustment: Set the number of test times in the total counter according to the standard requirement before start the test, set the required value in the counter and press SET to confirm, and then press reset button, then the number of bending can be confirmed, press the reset button of the four counters on the four stations to clear the value.

The counter is used to record the number of bending of corresponding power cord, the equipment will automatic stop recording the bending of the disconnected station when the power cord is disconnected during bending process, the indicator light goes out, the number of bending recorded in the counter is the number of bending before the power cord is disconnected, the test machine will automatic stop working when all of the four stations are disconnected.

Note: One bending will be recorded when the clamp is turned from side to side (before or after)


3.Sample installation: The non-reclosing plugs or the sample is installed on the clamp and fastened, the install requirement is to make the lateral replacement of the flexible cord and load are smallest when the swing mechanism is swinging, the axis line of the flexible cord is perpendicular and through the swing axis. The corresponding weights are hung on the power cord, and the end of the power cord is connected to the signal terminals to detect the on-off.

4.Speed adjustment: This equipment adopts the advanced frequency conversion technology, it is used to adjust the rotate speed of the motor, so that it can apply to the speed test of different standard. To increase the speed by clockwise rotate the handle of the SPEED ADJUST button., the speed will be decreased on the contrary. The speed display value is the actual rotate speed, such as the display value is 8, it means 8 r/min.