3KW Battery Testing Equipment , 1000A Temperature Controlled External Short Circuit Tester

3KW Battery Testing Equipment , 1000A Temperature Controlled External Short Circuit Tester

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Battery Test Equipment of Temperature Controlled External Short Circuit Tester




It is conforms to IEC62133 clause 7.3.2 ,8.3.1,8.3.2 IEC60086-4 clause 6.5.1 IEC60086-4 clause 6.5.8 6.5.9 ,IEC 60086-1 ,IEC61951,IEC61960, UN38.3 ,UL1642, UL2054, QC 743/744, MT/T 1051-2007,GB/T 2900.11-1988,GB31241-2014and etc.


Technical Parameters


Max. Short Circuit Current1000A
Internal Resistance System80±20 mΩ
Remote Control Distance7m (without solid barrier)
Mechanical Endurance300000times
Electrical EnduranceResistance load 50000 times
Temp. RangeRT~ 100℃(complied to testing condition :20℃±5℃and 60℃±5℃)
Temp. Deviation±2℃
Internal DimensionW600 X D500 X H600mm
Inner Material304# stainless steel (thickness 1.0mm)
Outer DimensionW940 X D780 X H1620mm
Outer MaterialCold rolled powder painted ( thickness 1.0mm,with inner cabinet total thickness 100mm)
Observation WindowThree layer vacuum glass, easy for specimen observation,dimension:390X360X20mm
Lightingobservation window with high brightness energy saving light, easy for specimen observation .
Testing HoleOne Φ50mm testing hole on each side of the machine ( left & right side),with 2stainless steel cover, silicon cover 2 pieces.
Machine PulleyEasy moving (adjust placement) and high strength bolts (fix place) combined usage
Heating SystemFin type heating pipe nicochrome U type high efficiency heater.
Cycling SystemSpecial moisture-proof heat radiation design, stainless steel axis lengthened cycling motor,match high low temperature resistant aluminum blades
Air Deflector DesignAble to up,down,left,right adjustment, ensure temperature uniformity.
Exhaust SystemExhaust port on machine back side.
Power SourceAC220V

Product information


It is designed according to multi type battery short circuit standard requirements,in the standard requirement,the short circuit device must conform to the range of internal resistance ≤5mΩ, to obtain the maximum short-circuit current required by the test, In addition, the circuit design of the short-circuit device must also be able to withstand the impact of large currents, so we have chosen industrial grade DC electromagnetic contactors and all-copper terminals and internal copper plate diversion, thick copper plate to effectively improve the cooling effect, so that a large current short circuit device is safer, effectively reducing the loss of test equipment and ensuring the accuracy of test data.

It is consist of high current contactor,remote controller, voltmeter, ammeter etc. 




1. High Current Contactor

(1)Long distance connect and disconnect DC voltage to 220V.

(2)Rated working current 1000A,installed with series connection magnetic blow mediastinal plate clay arc shield arc extinguishing system.

(3)Plane layout structure, electromagnetic system and machine contactor arc extinguishing system fixed on under frame independently. Adopt angular rotation clapper type electromagnetic system and double winding attracting coil , add arris pressing device on the rotating angular. Main contactor made with red copper. With low contact resistance , high reaction speed

(4)Reliable contactor acting, safety, long service life, and easy repair and maintenance.

2. Remote Controller

(1)Long distance wireless control;

(2)Reliable and stable work,with auto- locking and interlocking function, strong anti-interference ability, long service life.

      3. Voltmeter

(1)Measuring voltage:0-100V,ensure testing accuracy;

(2)Display accuracy:F.S ±0.2% rdg ±1digit;

(3)Drive method:double integral method

    4. Ammeter

(1)Measuring current:0-1000A and 0-500A DC;

(2)Display Accuracy:F.S±0.2% rdg±1digit;

(3)Drive method:double integral method




100mΩ resistant1 piece
Sample Holder2 pcs
Silicon Plug3pcs
Remote Controller1piece
Operating Manual1Copy