220v IEC Test Equipment / Pneumatic Drop Test Machine For 500mm Electric Bicycle Front Fork Assembly

220v IEC Test Equipment / Pneumatic Drop Test Machine For 500mm Electric Bicycle Front Fork Assembly

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500mm Electric Bicycle Front Fork Assembly220v PLC Control Pneumatic Drop Test Machine



GB17761-2018 clause, GB 3565-2005 clause7.1 27.2,GB 14746-2006 clause 4.7.2,ISO4210-6-2014 clause 4.2 ,ISO4210-2-2014 clause 4.9.5 and 4.8.2,JIS D 9401-2010 Clause 5.3 , EN 14764-2005 clause 4.8.2,EN 14766-2005 clause 4.8.2.



This machine is used to simulate the ability of the front wheel of a bicycle to leave the ground obstacle when riding. The bicycle assembly should be supported on the rear axle so that it can rotate freely about the rear axle in a vertical plane. The fork should be placed on a flat steel anvil to keep the frame in its normal position. A weight of 70 kg should be fastened to the saddle tube and its center of gravity placed on the riser axis 75 mm from the upper end of the riser. By rotating the assembly about the rear axle, the center of gravity of the 70 kg weight is placed vertically above the rear axle, and then the assembly is free to fall and impact on the anvil.



1,Steel anvil hardness HRC≥50

2,Anvil adjustable distance ≥500mm (convenient to test size vehicles)

3,Height gauge:0-500mm

4,Height resolution:1mm

5,Frame lift: electric

6,Frame release: pneumatic

7,Equipment weight: steel plating anti-rust treatment

8,Control mode: PLC program automatic control

9,Display setting mode: TFT LCD 7-inch color touch screen

10,Equipment power supply:AC 220V 50Hz

11,The main body of the machine is a steel member with high strength and is not easily deformed.

12,The base of the machine is made of solid steel with good stability and is equipped with ribs and adjustable feet.

13,Electrostatic spraying of the machine appearance, electroplating of other parts, high rust resistance and beautiful appearance.


Test method

1,Select the appropriate shaft to fix the lightweight roller to the front fork and the rear fork of the frame to the test bench;

2,The bolt will fix the support plate. By adjusting the front and rear positions of the hand wheel and the anvil above the steel anvil, the center of the roller is just the position to be raised (adjust the front and rear position of the steel anvil so that the center of the roller is directly above it);

3,Fix the standard weight weight on the saddle tube as standard;

4,The bolt is quickly pulled out, and the assembly is subjected to a free fall motion to strike the steel anvil to complete the first test, the second test is repeated;

5,After the test is completed, check the assembly for cracks and deformation, and judge whether it is qualified according to the standard.


IEC Test Equipment

IEC Test Equipment

IEC Test Equipment