220V 60HZ Battery Testing Equipment / Thermal Shock Thermal Abuse Test Chamber With PID Micro Computer Control

220V 60HZ Battery Testing Equipment / Thermal Shock Thermal Abuse Test Chamber With PID Micro Computer Control

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PLC Touch Screen PID Micro Computer Control Battery Thermal shock Thermal Abuse Test  Chamber




IEC62133 clause 7.3.5,8.3.4, IEC61960, IEC60086-4 clause 6.5.7, IEC 60086-1, UN 38.3, UL 1642, GB31241 and etc.




The battery thermal impact tester, also called the battery thermal abuse test chamber, uses a hot air circulation system by simulating a battery placed in a natural convection or forced-air high temperature box, raising the temperature to a set test temperature and maintaining a certain time at a certain heating rate. It can ensure even distribution of working temperature. Mainly applied for industrial products drying,thermal treatment etc.




Temperature rangeAmbient temperature~200℃ (controllable)
Control Accuracy±0.5℃
Distribute Temp.±2.0℃(non-load)
Temperature rising rateRT~150℃(5℃±2℃/minutes )
Control MethodPLC Touch Screen Control
Working room dimensionW600mm×D500mm×H600mm
External DimensionW940X D780 X H1620mm
Inner Chamber MaterialSUS304mirror stainless steel,clean and smooth internal chamber, easy for cleaning ,with high corrosion resistance performance.All internal material with environment friendly material,inter barrel with no trace argon arc welding
External Chamber MaterialSECC steel plate,powder painted (thickness1.5mm)
BottomInstalled with universal wheel
Observation WindowToughened glass with bursting disk.
Insulation MaterialHigh density glass wool,well insulation, best ensure the temperature insulation. With high temperature resistant silicon seal, long time bear high temperature above 300 degree.
Power Source220V 60HZ
Heating PowerAbout 3KW



1. External with SECC steel plate,powder paint treatment; Inner with SUS stainless steel .

2. High temperature resistant long axis motor.

3. Turbo-fan .

4. Silicon packing.

5. Over-temperature protection,over loading auto power cut off system.

6. Cycling system: forced flat air cycling .

7. Heating system :PID+S.S.R.

8. Temperature controller :PID micro computer control, automatic constant temperature, quick temperature compensation function .

9. Time function: when temperature reach the setting temperature, alarm for cut off power.

10. Glass observation windows optional, customize according to customer requirements.


Air Supply System


1. Forced Air Conveying circulation design. The air source generated by circulation motor driving the wheel and force the air pass through the heater to convey the hot air into the drying chamber while the used air can be inhaled to the air channel as the air source and be heated again. This way is taken to reduce the energy loss and assure the temperature in uniform distribution in the chamber. If any disturbance of door open or close, this air conveying and circulation system can recover the operational temperature value in a short time.

2. Long axis high temperature resistant motor, power 1HP50Hz

3. Blower with multi impeller turbo type, high strength, inner installed with adjustable air flow plate, make the air channel smoothly .




1. Pay attention to use correct voltage, only for the voltage marked on the machine, avoid electric wire flaming due to over power.

2. When big difference between display temperature and actual temperature, can not adjust the components on the circuit board, please contact supplier for handling.

3. During operating, if with large temperature change, please not open the machine.

4. Avoid putting it in moisture place, avoid electric leakage.

5. Not wash directly with water, avoid electric leakage.

6. Prevent to put easy flaming, explosion materials like alcohol etc., and easy volatile materials inside the chamber, to avoid accident.

7. No flaming subjects close to the machine, avoid accident.

8. Put the subject into the chamber carefully