0-100N IEC60320-1 Switch Tester Coupler Lateral Pulling Test Machine

0-100N IEC60320-1 Switch Tester Coupler Lateral Pulling Test Machine

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Coupler Lateral Pulling Testing Apparatus



Product Information:

This device is according to the IEC60320-1, figure 19 standard requirement to design. It is used for the testing of withdrawing appliance inlet under the conditions of the connector with force, for this reason to test the mechanical strength of the connector.


Technical Parameters:

1, Flexible cable bending height: 40±2 mm, adjustable.

2, Pull range: 0-100N.

3, Pull way: Manual operation,50 times in one direction and then 50 times in the opposite direction.

4, Conductor Selection and the corresponding test lateral pulls value table


Table 7 - Values for the lateral pulls applied


Rated current of connector














Using method:

1. Select the corresponding apparatus input socket according to the required test of the connector to install and tighten.

2. Insert the connector into the input socket of the appliance, you can adjust the adjustment block properly for other special connectors.

3. With the spring balance end to lock the connector soft cable, flat on the bakelite supporting block.

4. To pull the connector to the required test force, and the position can be adjusted.

5. Normal test, after pulling 50 times, rotate connector and appliance input socket 180°, and then pull 50 times. Do not need to release spring balance end, then corresponding rotation.

After the test, whether to enter the follow-up test according to the connector is damaged or not.



1. Ensure that the terminal is clamped and pay attention to safety when testing;

2. When spring scale is not in used, it should be kept loose state;

3. Apparatus should be kept dry, dust proof, pay attention to the maintenance of the equipment after the test is completed.