Variable Frequency Audio Video Test Equipment Environmental Considerations Output Capacity 20KVA

Variable Frequency Audio Video Test Equipment Environmental Considerations Output Capacity 20KVA

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IEC60065 Variable Frequency Power Supply VP-20KVA


Product information:

This product is widely used in various fields, and provide the power supply system of the customer solutions from power environmental considerations, optimization of load collocation, power matching selection, designed to fit the needs of manufacturing, lean and efficient, timely maintenance and perfect, can completely meet the needs of customers.



1. Output voltage :single phase 0-300V continuously adjustable, three phase 0-520V continuously adjustable.

2.Output frequency : 60HZ,50HZ,40-499.9HZ continuously adjustable

3. Ultra-high capacity:instantaneous current can withstand three times rated current.

4. One-key stop function in case of fault, fast response, response time within 2ms.

5. Multiple protection and alarm functions, such as overcurrent, overvoltage, over temperature, short circuit, overload and so on.

6. High-precision frequency stabilization voltage regulator, rapid adjustment of voltage, frequency.



Output capacity20KVA
AC input
Phase numberThree phase
Frequency fluctuation range50HZ or 60HZ±15%
power factor﹥0.9
DC input
Phase numberThree phase
Low gear voltage0-260V continuously adjustable
High gear voltage0-520V continuously adjustable
Frequency60HZ,50HZ,40-499.9HZ continuously adjustable
Frequency stability≤0.01%
High gear maximum current (A)55.6A
Low gear maximum current (A)27.8A
Whole machine performance
Power regulation rate﹤1%
Load regulation rate﹤1%
Waveform distortion﹤2%
Response time≤2ms
Crest Factor3:1
Display interfaceDigital LED display
Voltage `4 digits, digital voltmeter, resolution 0.1V
Current4 digits, digital ammeter, resolution 0.1A
Power4 digit, digital wattmeter
Frequency4 digit number, digital frequency meter