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UL94 Foam Horizontal Burning Tester Gas Pressure 0.1MPa 230V 50Hz

UL94 Foam Horizontal Burning Tester Gas Pressure 0.1MPa 230V 50Hz

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Foam Horizontal Burning Tester


Products Introduction


This test apparatus is designed and manufactured according to the standard and related requirement of ISO9772-2001, UL94. This international standard specifies a small-scale laboratory screening procedure for comparing the relative burning characteristics of horizontally oriented, small cellular plastic specimens having a density less than 250kg/m' determined in accordance with ISO 845, when exposed to an ignition source.

This product uses the integral intake ignition system. The combustion time delays 0.1S thus to make sure the sufficient time of gas burning.


Technical Parameters



Working voltage230V/50Hz
Blast burner standardISO10093:1998,inner diameter Φ9.5±0.3mm,effective length:100±10mm,with wing section lamp top:48±1×1.3 ±0.05mm
Gas pressure0.1MPa
Gas flow and gas category965±30ml/min, for the methane gas purity of 98% , it can also use the mixed gas or propane gas, flow meter adjustment
Combustion / self extinguishing time0-9999X0.1S
Distance between the wing top of the blast burner to the test sample13±1mm
Flame height38±2mm,blue flame
Support net215×75×13mm, grid : Φ0.8 made of stainless steel wire with length of the side of 6.4mm
LightingEquip with lighting in the test chamber, with control
Test chamber and dimension>0.5 cube,black matte background,with exhaust fan,,dimension:1100*550*1200mm,130kg