Test Meter For Lamp Cap And Holders Light Testing Equipment With Digital Display

Test Meter For Lamp Cap And Holders Light Testing Equipment With Digital Display

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Intelligent Test Meter For Lamp Cap And Holders Light Testing Equipment With Digital Display



Product information:

Lamp cap twist apparatus EOB-2 built in intelligent microprocessor, is a new generation of intelligent products, with the following characteristics:


1. It can measure the positive and negative torque of the lamp holder, and can set the upper limit alarm, the data will not loss if the machine is turned off.
2. This apparatus has zero calibration function, its own zero point stability, 4 digital display with high precision, and good stability;
3. The internal of this apparatus is double watchdog design, it will not be crashed when in the complex environment, reliability is higher;
4. Equipped with measure fixtures for these lamp holders: E27/E26,B22d,E14/E12,G13/G5, so that to make the test is more easy.
5. Meet the domestic and international standards of all kinds of lamp holders


Basic principle:

This apparatus is mainly composed of two parts, the torque device and the secondary instrument. Torque sensor is the key to affect the test precision of the torque. This apparatus adopts the strain gauge torque sensor, which has the advantages of high reliability, high signal-to-noise ratio, high precision and long service life.


In the sensor elastomer with resistance strain gauge and form the Wheatstone bridge. Connect excitation voltage to the bridge, occurring elastomer deformation under the action of torque, the resulting change of resistance for the strain gauge, so that to make the bridge occurs unbalance, the voltage signal of the torque will turn into digital signal through this tester. This voltage signal is amplified by secondary instrument, it will be sent to the microprocessor to process and display the data after A / D conversion.


Technical parameters:

This tester is mainly used to measure the torque of the lamp holder of all kinds of lighting source, its main performance and technical parameters as below:


Repeatability≤0.5% FS
Linearity≤0.5% FS
Lag≤0.5% FS
Over loading120% FS
Temperature compensate range-10℃~60℃
Requirements for environment: Working temperature25±5°C Relative humidity: ≤65%R.H Power: AC 230V±10V, 50Hz±1Hz
Permissions for environmentWorking temperature: 0-40°C Relative humidity: ≤75%R.H Power: AC 230V±10%, 50Hz
Store conditionTemperature -20~50°C



1. Should avoid using overloaded, otherwise it will reduce the technical indicators of the device.

2. For example: 10N·m measurement range, the maximum can be measured is 12N·m according to the user manual. User should try to use within 12N·m

3. When install the load or clamp to be measured, the direct beating and collision are prohibited.

4. Torque device working relative humidity ≤70%, avoid oil, water and other chemicals erosion.

5. Preheat for 5 minutes when turn on.