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Plug Cord Material Testing Equipment For Polarity Insulation Resistance Voltage Withstand

Plug Cord Material Testing Equipment For Polarity Insulation Resistance Voltage Withstand

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Plug Cord Multifunctional Tester HT-DX02A



Product information:
This test device is a multifunctional tester for plug cords or power cables. It is used for a comprehensive test of electrical characteristics including the performance of breakover, polarity, insulation resistance, withstand voltage, copper exposed or electric leakage of the wire, cable and so on.
The operation is easy and the testing speed is fast(900~1500 lines can be tested per hour). Good products will be printed on the sign of qualified “▲”. When there is a defective product, the device will stop working automatically with the sound-light alarm. 
Only the defective line be cut down can the device continue working.

Technical parameters:
Test: breakover, polarity, insulation resistance; withstand voltage
1. Polarity / Breakover test
Test voltage: DC24V
Single end conduction test: 70KHz high frequency sine wave signal (cable length
must be more than 0.5M)
2. Insulation resistance test
Test voltage: DC500V±10%
Ohm meter: 0~200MΩ, precision ±10%
Insulation reference value set: 2, 7, 20, 50, 100M. Five values for option
Judge: Output failure signal when the measured resistance is less than the set
Judgment accuracy: ±10%
3. Withstand / Leakage test
Test voltage between polarity: AC 0~5KV, digital display
Test voltage to insulation layer: AC 0~5KV, digital display
Waveform: 50/60Hz
Transformer capacity: 500VA
Voltage meter: 1.5 class
Voltage calibration: ±5%
Leakage current between polarity: 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5mA
Leakage current of insulation breakdown: 1, 3, 5mA
Judge: Cut off test voltage and output failure signal is given when the measured
current is more than the set value
Judgment accuracy: ±5%
Current calibration: Test of pure resistance load series RMS truth table
Push-out function: the qualified product be push out and print the qualified mark
automatically; defective product be locking and sound and light alarm automatically.
Test time:
Power supply: 220V 50Hz
Dimension: D×W×H=600×540×500mm