ISO4210 Electric Bicycle Road Vision 9.6V Large Screen Display Tester Of 0 ~ 500.0 Km/h Speed Adjustable

ISO4210 Electric Bicycle Road Vision 9.6V Large Screen Display Tester Of 0 ~ 500.0 Km/h Speed Adjustable

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ISO4210 Electric Bicycle Road Vision 9.6V Large-Screen Display Tester Of 0 ~ 500.0 Km/h Speed



GB17761-2018 Clause 7.2.1, Clause 7.2.2, Clause 7.2.4, GB20073-2006, GB3565-2005, GB/T 24158-2009, GB 24155-2009, GB 24156-2009, GB/T 24157-2009, ISO4210-2014.


Product introduction

The electric bicycle road vision device is suitable for the detection of the vehicle speed limit and the braking performance of the electric bicycle, electric motorcycle, electric tricycle, electric vehicle. A comprehensive evaluation is performed by simulating the electric bike's maximum speed, braking distance/dry and wet braking performance and pedal riding function (power performance, safety performance, handling performance, etc.) under the normal outdoor riding road environment, and the test results are calculated by the measurement software. The instrument has strong testing ability, flexible and convenient movement, which is convenient for testing in various outdoor environments, with high experimental precision and good data repeatability.



1.The system adopts 240*128 large-screen liquid crystal display for implementing chinese character prompts, and displays multiple test data and curves in real time, which is clear and intuitive. The test project is menu-driven and easy to use. System parameters such as sensor coefficient and test parameters are automatically stored even when power is lost , there is no need to repeat input. The design is ergonomic and easy to control. It is an ideal test for electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, electric tricycles, electric vehicles and other manufacturing industries, vehicle manufacturers, motor vehicle maintenance industry, motor vehicle inspection, scientific research departments and automobile inspection centers, and a ideal teaching equipment for equipment and colleges and universities.

2.There are a built-in USB interface and an SD memory card interface in system . The test results and data are stored in the file on the SD card, enabling unlimited storage of data. The user can conveniently perform secondary analysis on the data by using a system machine or a laptop computer.

3. The system also comes standard with RS232 interface, and is equipped with an external micro printer to easily print test data and test curves.

4. The minimum speed resolution is 0.01 km/h in system. The 10Hz GPS speed sensor is safe and easy to test, regardless of climatic conditions. The GPS permanent license is free to use and no further charges will be charged .


Main Test Items

1,Sliding Test: Taxiing initial speed, Taxiing distance, Taxiing time

2,Braking test: Emergency braking initial speed, Braking distance, Braking time, Coordination time, Maximum deceleration, Average deceleration, MFDD (Mean Fully Developed Deceleration). Two test modes are available: pedal force trigger, Hand brake force triggering

3,Vehicle Speed Test: Test distance, Test time, Average Speed, Minimum speed, Maximum speed, Speedometer indication value check. Four test modes are available: two start conditions, and two end conditions are free to combine multiple test modes;

4,Accelerated Test: Acceleration distance, Acceleration time, Acceleration end speed, Speed, Distance, time at the beginning and end of the shift operation. Four test modes are available: 100km speed acceleration, 100m acceleration, direct acceleration, shift acceleration and other tests;

5,Road test: continuously record the parameters such as speed, acceleration and driving distance during the driving process of the vehicle, and it used for road traffic scientific research departments to conduct road traffic safety research;

6,Pedal force test: 0 ~ 1000N;

7,Hand brake control force test: 0 ~ 500N;

8,Brake spray device: the water flow rate of each nozzle is 5ml / s;

9,Maximum grade test: maximum grade % .




1,System power consumption: less than 3W (static power consumption is 1W)

2,Built-in power supply: DC9.6V (1.2V 800mAH NiMH battery 8);

3,External power supply: DC12V / 5A

4,Standard 9-pin RS232 interface. (3-pin signal output, 2-pin signal input, 5-pin signal ground)

5,The baud rate is 9600, the data bit is 8 bits, the stop bit is 1 bit, and there is no check

6,Dimensions: 330 X 220 X 75 mm

7,Weight: 2.0 kg

8,Operating temperature: -15 ° C ~ 45 ° C

9,Ambient humidity: 30% to 80%

10,Measurement range and accuracy:

S/NItemMeasuring RangeResolutionAccuracy
1Speed0~500.0 km/h0.01 km/h0.2%
2Distance0~999999.999 m1 mm0.5%
4Deceleration0~14.9 m/s20.01 m/ s21%
5MFDD0~9.999 m/s20.001 m/ s21%
6Pedal Force0~1000N0.1 N0.5%
7Operating Force0~500N0.1 N0.5%
Remarks: unit : km/h, m, mm,s,ms,m/s2 N, km.

11,Speed value update rate: ≥110 Hz;

12,Acceleration update rate: ≥ 55Hz;

13,Test host: CPU --- STM32F103 (32-bit Cortex-M3 ARM processor)

Main frequency --- 72 MHz;

14,SD card --- standard 8G (expandable);

15,USB --- USB2.0 interface;

16,RS232 interface: baud rate 9600, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity.


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