Ingress Protection Test Equipment

IPX7 IPX8 Ingress Protection Test Equipment / EImmersion and Water Tightness Pressure Tester 0 ~ 3Bar

IPX7 IPX8 Ingress Protection Test Equipment / EImmersion and Water Tightness Pressure Tester 0 ~ 3Bar

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IPX7/IPX8 Immersion and Water Tightness Pressure Tester




IEC60529 degree of protection provided by enclosures (IP Code) of the IPX7 IPX8, IEC60884-1, IEC60335-1, IEC60598-1.




Assessment of enclosures and sealing element whether can ensure good performance of equipment and components after the water test or during the test.


Test sample


Products with IPX7 and IPX8 degree waterproof test.




Pressure vesselStainless steel tank, diameter 0.6 meter, height 1.2 meter
Pressure adjustment range0 ~ 3bar (can be customized)
Pressure systemStainless steel pump + frequency converter
MaterialSUS304 stainless steel
Lifting devicePortable stainless steel lift bracket
Water level displayscale plus water level tube
Time control0~99minutes 99seconds
Pressure holding rangeAtmospheric pressure-0.3MPa, setting pressure directly (touch screen )
Thickness of stainless steel tank3mm




1. Entire tank adopts SUS304# stainless steel high accuracy integrated forming,ensure it will not rust and water-tight after long time use, adjust the test pressure according to the high precision pressure regulating valve. Pressure regulating valve with pressure stabilizing function, it can keep stable test pressure all the time after the pressure has been adjusted.

2.The pot cover is rotated and lifted by the screw thread, it can rotate and move away from the hole after lifting.

3.The whole tank surface blasting treatment, smooth and beautiful.

4.Control system: Adopt touch screen controller , Combining PLC and electronic pressure sensor to form loop control, with higher accuracy ,better operation experience, higher grade .

Safety protection device


1. Power overload and short circuit protection

2. Grounding protection

3. Water shortage protection

4. Warning alarm