Ingress Protection Test Equipment

IPX6 Strong Spray Test Machine PLC Control Stainless Steel 12.5mm Waterproof Tester

IPX6 Strong Spray Test Machine PLC Control Stainless Steel 12.5mm Waterproof Tester

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IEC60529 IPX6 Strong Spray Machine PLC Control Stainless Steel 12.5mm Waterproof Tester

Product Introduction

The spray test system is designed and manufactured according to the standard IEC60529<<Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP Code)>>, used to test waterproof performance of the electrical products which second characteristic is numeral 6.

This machine is suitable for enclosure protection rating evaluation of electrical appliances and electronic equipment, against the harmful effects due to water entering the housing of the device.


Specifications for sample turntable:

  1. Turntable Material: SUS304 stainless steel, diameter ф600mm. Turntable height is adjustable, adjustable range: 600-900mm.

  2. Maximum load: 50KG.

  3. Turntable rotation speed: 1-5 r / min adjustable.

  4. Turntable electrical part is fully sealed to prevent water leakage. Can equip with a waterproof universal socket.

  5. Turntable adopts to domestic high-speed motors, adjustable speed within the standard range. Containing a reducer (reduction ratio 1: 300)

  6. Turntable can rotate clockwise or counterclockwise

  7. There are four activities with brake casters beneath the turntable, easy for moving and stationary


Technical parameters:


IPX6 Spray aperture (mm)Ø12.5mm
IPX6 Spray Flow100L/min±5%
IPX6 Flowmeter10-110L/min one piece
The distance of IPX6 nozzle mouth to test products2.5m-3m
Water jet pressure100~150kpa(Adjust by water flow )
Sample turntableØ600mm,
Sample turntable rotation speed1~5r/min (adjustable)
Sample turntable materialSUS304# stainless steel
Reservoir (L)500L
Reservoir materialSUS304# stainless steel
BreakerNo fuse breaker
ProtectiveLeakage, No water , short-circuit


Preparation Before Test

Close the main power switch, the system is powered, and the power indicator is on.

1.Installation of Turntable

Connect the turntable connecting line to the turntable interface on the equipment.

2.Installation of Spray Nozzles

Install the nozzle on the bracket. And the distance from the sample on the turntable to keep the distance of 2.5-3 meters

3.Installation of the water inlet pipe and water outlet pipe

Connect the inlet pipe to the inlet port, and the rest is connected to each outlet according to function.


Safety Warning

1. This equipment is powered by high voltage and must be protected against electric shock during use. The operator must strictly abide by the operating procedures and the metal casing that the equipment enclosure and personnel touch must be well grounded.

2. If you hear an abnormal sound during operation, please stop the machine and check it again before restarting it, so as not to affect the service life of the equipment.

3. After the equipment is positioned, the support frame should be propped up to prevent the casters from being shaken after the equipment is tested.

4. The equipment runs for a long time. If the water spray hole is found to be blocked, the pipeline must be removed, rinsed with tap water and then assembled.

5. Clean water tank regularly to keep it clean.

How to operate this equipment ?Click here user manual IPX6.pdf to get the operation method.