Ingress Protection Test Equipment

IPX1 IPX2 Vertical Drip Rain Test Equipment With Pillar Form Frames / PLC System

IPX1 IPX2 Vertical Drip Rain Test Equipment With Pillar Form Frames / PLC System

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IPX12 Vertical Drip Rain Testing – Pillar Form Frames



IEC60529 degree of protection provided by enclosures (IP Code) of the IPX1 and IPX2, IEC60884-1, IEC60335-1, IEC60598-1.




It is used for the testing of IPX1 and IPX2. Mainly used in lighting, household appliances, industrial electrical, communication cabinets, auto parts, mobile intelligence and other fields.




1. The outer frame of the test machine is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, and the turntable is made of SUS304 stainless steel, which has high corrosion resistance.

2. 7-inch color touch screen + Panasonic PLC system, sample on and off can also be controlled by the system, and added remote control function.

3. The electric hoist is small in size and has a large bearing capacity. The drip tank was adjustable, The use of advanced automated lifting technology eliminates the hassle of manually placing samples.

4. The rack was removable.




Drip test area800x800mm1000x1000mm
Outer dimension1700x1300x2400mm
Drip hole diameterΦ0.4mm
Distance between holes20mm
Rotary tableDiameter:Φ600mm/800mm;Rotating speed1r/min. Load bearing≤50kg
Table tilting angle0/15° adjustable
Dripping rate (Water flow)1-5mm/min(±0.5mm/min)
Flow regulation modeManual regulation
Dripping tank elevation1000-1800mm
Turntable elevationImmovable (fixed)
Input powerSingle-phase AC220V,50Hz (customizable),1.0kW
ProtectorLeakage protection, short circuit protection, water shortage protection