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IEC 60884-1 Safety Test Equipment Plug Socket Switch Breaking Capacity Normal Operation

IEC 60884-1 Safety Test Equipment Plug Socket Switch Breaking Capacity Normal Operation

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IEC 60884-1 Safety Test Equipment Plug Socket Switch Breaking Capacity Normal Operation
This series covers all of complete test equipment and system for dimensions, anti electric shocking, temperature rising, structure, normal operating, mechanical strength, cable connection, heat resistance and etc. as per IEC 60884-1. Including plug and socket-outlet gauges, socket-outlet protective probes, wire damage degree test machines, switch and plug-socket endurance testers, load banks, socket-outlet insertion and withdraw testing machines, impact testing apparatus, tumbling barrel test machines, ball pressure devices and etc.
HongCe Test Equipment List As Per IEC 60884-1:2006 ED. 3.1

No.IEC 60884-1 Test Equipment/ Hongce Item Name &Model No.Clause of IEC 60884-1
1Socket and plug gauges (need to customized according to specific country’s standard)Clause 9
2Test Probe B HT-I02Clause 10.1
3Anti Shock Probe Experiment Device CT-2Clause 10.1
4Rigid Test Probe HT-I07Clause 10.1&13.22
5Force Gauge AG-500Clause 10.1&13.22&14.2 and etc.
6Compression Testing Machine CP-1Clause 10.1 figure 8, Clause 24.5
720N Test Probe HT-I20Clause 10.5 figure 9
81N Test Probe HT-I21Clause 10.5 figure 10
9Conductor Damage degree test device CL-1Clause 12.3.10 figure 11
10Screwless terminals bending and voltage drop measurement device STB-1Clause 12.3.12 figure 12a & figure 12b
11Test Apparatus For Lateral Stress LS-1Clause 14 figure 13
12Programmable Temperature Humidity Chamber PHT-150Clause 13.22&13.23&16.1&16.3 and etc.
13Device for testing Non - solid Pins NP-1Clause 14.2 figure 14
14Diameter 4.8 steel probeClause 14.2
15Temperature Rising Tester TR-1Clause 14.23.1, clause 19
16Plug socket torque tester SOB-1Clause 14.23.2
17Circulating Air Oven LH-1Clause 16.1
18Test Probes for Protection against access to hazardous parts HT-I01/HT-I02/ HT-I03/ HT-I04Clause
19Test Probes for Protection against harmful effects due to ingress of solid foreign objects HT-I05/HT-I06/ HT-I03/ HT-I04Clause
20Sand and dust test chamber DC-3
21IPX1~IPX8 Water proof degree test systemClause 16.2.2
22Concealed Mounting Box CMB-1Clause 19
23Switch And Plug-Socket Endurance Tester SLT-3Clause 20 &21 figure 16
24Resistance Inductance Capacitive Load Box HT-LDCClause 20 &21
25Apparatus For Verification of Maximum And Minimum Force MF-1

Clause 22.1 &22.2
figure 18&figure 19

26Apparatus For Testing Cord Retention CR-1Clause 23.2 figure 20
27Flexible Cable Torque Tester FCT-1Clause 23.2
28Power cord felexibility tester FL-1Clause 23.4 figure 21
29Vertical Pendulum Impact Test Apparatus PH-1

Clause 24.1
figure 22&23&24&25&26

30Test Cylinder TC-1Clause 24.3
31Low-Temperature Impact Test Device LTI-1Clause 24.4 figure 27, clause 30.4 figure 42
32Insulation Sleeves of Plug Pins Abrasion Test Apparatus IN-1Clause 24.7 figure 28
33Mobile Outlets Mechanical Strength Tester MO-1Clause 24.9 figure 29
34Apparatus To Verify The Fixation Of Pins In The Body Of The Plug FP-1Clause 24.10 figure 30
35A cylindrical steel rod, having a diameter of 3 mm and a hemispherical end with a radius of 1,5 mmClause 24.11
36Measure Gauge For Cover Plate HT-I30Clause 24.17 figure 32
37Taper Gauge HT-I31Clause 24.18 figure 35
38Heat Resistance Compression Test Device RH-1Clause 24.19 figure 38, clause 25.4
39Ball pressure tester BP-1Clause 25.2 figure 37
40Creepage distance guages CK-5Clause 27.1
41Glow wire tester GW-2Clause 28.1.1
42Plug Set Heat Insulation Tester PI-1Clause 28.1.2 figure 40
43Tracking leakage tester LT-1Clause 28.2
44High Temperature Indentation Device HTI-1Clause 30.1 figure 41
45Reference plug (need to customized according to specific country’s standard)Annex C figure C.1
46A typical apparatusAnnex C figure C.2

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