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IEC60669 Clause18.3 Overload Test with Filament Lamps Halogen Lamp Load Bank 24A PLC 1 Channel

IEC60669 Clause18.3 Overload Test with Filament Lamps Halogen Lamp Load Bank 24A PLC 1 Channel

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IEC60669 Clause 18.3 Halogen Filament Lamp Load Bank For switches Of Overload Test


UL1054,UL943, IEC 60669-1 :2017 Clause 18.3


it is suitable for the overload test with filament lamps for switches, supply 1.2 times rated current of test switches.

Technical parameters:

1. Input power: AC 220V, 20A, 50/60Hz (It depends on 
customer's national requirements)

2. the output voltage: AC 0 ~ 250V continuously adjustable,4 display instrument display, accuracy 0.5%

3. Test current: This is achieved by connecting the number of halogen lamps rated at 200W in parallel. (Number of halogen lamps: 30, switch rated current 16A); 
Output current:0~24 A(can be customed)

4. The system can automatically detect whether the halogen lamp is damaged. Once it is damaged, it can automatically access the spare lamp. When the number of normal lamps is not enough, the system will automatically stop the test and give an audible and visual alarm;

5. Touch screen display: test voltage, test current, number of tests, bulb failure location, warning light information.

6.Counter: 1 ~ 999999 times can be preset

7.the number of output channels: 1

8.overtime protection: with the test current continuous power circuit protection function for 5 seconds.

9. surge current coefficient: Meet the requirements of UL1054 5.7.9, about 10-18 times.

10. The control plane size: about 1200 × 800 × 1700 (mm)
StandardUL1054,UL943, IEC 60669-1 :2017 Clause 18.3
Output voltage0~250V
Output current0~24A
Counter1 ~ 999999 times can be preset
The control plane size1200 × 800 × 1700 (mm)
Number of halogen lamps30
switch rated current16A
ControlPLC, Programmable
Operation interface7" Touch screen

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