Ingress Protection Test Equipment

IEC 60529 Ingress Protection Test Equipment IPX1 IPX2 Movable Vertical Rain Drip Box

IEC 60529 Ingress Protection Test Equipment IPX1 IPX2 Movable Vertical Rain Drip Box

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IEC 60529 IPX1 IPX2 Movable Vertical Rain Drip Box Waterproof Test Equipment


Product information:


Vertical Drip Rain Testing Machine is designed and manufactured according to IEC 60529 Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP Code), this equipment is widely used in lamps, electric and electronic products certification testing of IPX1,IPX2. This device has been widely adopted by domestic and foreign products certification laboratories, the performance of this equipment reaches to the international advanced level.


The program of this test equipment is humanized, users can process IPX1~2 testing without re-setting any parameters manually by choosing the default test options; user also can set the test data to meet different testing standards by choosing the refine test options.



Technical parameters:

Project name

Parameter specification

Power supply

AC220V /50

Equipment power


Water supply

The water-flow rates is >10L/min ±5%, pure water and without impurities, equipped with water cleaning filter

Waterproof test range


Vertical drip rain area


Drip needle aperture


Distance between holes


Dripping speed (water flow)

1mm/Min,3mm/Min adjustable

Drip height

200MM, adjustable

Test time

10Min, adjustable


For the purpose of the tests, the surface area of the enclosure is calculated with a tolerance of 10%.

Adequate safety precautions should be taken when testing the equipment in the energized condition.


Test for second characteristic numeral 1 with the drip box


The test is made with a device which produces a uniform flow of water drops over the whole area of the enclosure.


The turntable on which the enclosure is placed has a rotation speed of 1 r/min and the eccentricity (distance between turntable axis and specimen axis) is approximately 100 mm.


The enclosure under test is placed in its normal operating position under the drip box, the base of which is larger than that of the enclosure. Except for enclosures designed for wall or ceiling mounting, the support for the enclosure under test should be smaller than the base of the enclosure.

An enclosure normally fixed to a wall or ceiling is fixed in its normal position of use to a wooden board having dimensions which are equal to those of that surface of the enclosure which is in contact with the wall or ceiling when the enclosure is mounted as normal use.


The duration of test is 10 min.

Note: When the base of the drip box is smaller than that of the enclosure under test, the latter may be divided into several sections, the area of each section being large enough to be covered by the dripping water. The test is continued until the whole area of the enclosure has sprinkled for the specified time.


Function interface of this tester: