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IEC 60529 IPX7 Immersion Chamber Smart Water Supply and Control System for IPX1 to IPX8

IEC 60529 IPX7 Immersion Chamber Smart Water Supply and Control System for IPX1 to IPX8

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IEC 60529 IPX7 Immersion Chamber Smart Water Supply and Control System for IPX1 to IPX8



Product information:


The smart water supply and control system is designed and manufactured in accordance with the 

standard requirement of IEC60529 IPX1~IPX8 and related requirement of IEC 60598. 

This chamber also can be used for IPX7 water immersion testing.

It is used for waterproof test of the electric appliance, such as the luminaires. 


Technical parameters:

1. The smart water supply and control system is applicable to:

(a) Water supply for IPX1~IPX6 waterproof test

(b) IPX7 water immersion test

(c) Water storage for IPX8 water tightness test

(d) Automatic control for the whole waterproof equipment

2. Water supply method: constant temperture water supply, constant flow water supply, constant pressure water supply

3. Water supply control process: After user preset the water temperature value, water flow value and water pressure value on the touch screen, the temperature control system, electronic meters or digital pressure gauge real-time monitor the current values, read the values into PLC through the data conversion, then automatically adjust the rotational speed of pump through the frequency converter.

Water tempreture control:PID system automatically control and detect water tempreture, range: room temperature ~ 95℃ (±1℃).

4.There are large flow and small flow two ways water supply.

5. Large flow water supply:

(a) It is applicable to IPX5~IPX6 strong water spray test and water injection of IPX8

(b) Flow range: 10~100L/min

(c) Flow accuracy: ±0.5L/min

(d) Flowmeter: LWGY-15 type turbine flowmeter

(e) Water pump: CHL8-60L6WBC type stainless steel centrifugal pump

6. Small flow water supply:

(a) It is applicable to IPX1~IPX4 waterproof test

(b) Flow range: 1~10L/min

(c) Flow accuracy: ±0.5L/min

Flowmeter: LWGY-4 type turbine flowmeter

(d) Water pump: CHL2-30L6WBC type stainless steel centrifugal pump

7. Water storage tank:

(a) It is applicable to water storage of IPX5~IPX6 strong water spray test, water injection of IPX8, IPX7 immersion

(b) Volume: 550L

(c) Dimension: W600mmXD660mmXH1400mm

(d) Observation window: toughened glass window

(e) Observation window dimension: W200mmXH1250mm

(f) Depth gauge: stainless steel

(g) Depth gauge height: 1300mm, accuracy1mm

(h) Liquid level control: float switch + overflow pipe

8. IPX7 immersion automatic lift bracket

(a) Lifting distance: 0~1250mm

(b) Bracket dimension: L400mmXW400mm

(c) Bracket load weight: 50Kg

9. Control of IPX8

(a) Pressure range: 0~0.6Mpa

(b) Time range: 0~999999s

10. Control Cabinet:

(a) Flow detection: flow signal feedback through electronic flowmeter

(b) Flow setting: set on touch screen

(c) Temperature detection: PID

(d) Controller: Mitsubishi PLC

(e) Friendly interface: 7 inch, color touch screen

(f) Control Function: constant temperature water supply, constant flow water supply, constant pressure water supply, and test time control.

(g) Protection function: leakage protection, overload protection, short circuit protection

11. Filter: stainless steel shell, fine filter core

12. Body material: industrial aluminum alloy

13. Outer dimension: 1400mmX750mmX1600mm

14. Power supply: AC 380V, 50HZ


Main configuration:

1Water PumpCHL2-30L6WBC1 PC
2Water PumpCHL8-60L6WBC1 PC
3Electromagnetic flowmeter

LWGY-4 turbine flowmeter


4Electromagnetic flowmeter

LWGY-15 turbine flowmeter


5Pressure sensor1.0Mpa1 SET
6Temperature controller
7Water storage tank1000mmx1000mmx1000mm1 SET
8Filter50L/min1 SET
9PLCMitsubishi, Made in Japan1 PC
10Interface7inch, color1 PC
11Frequency transformer2.2KW1 SET
12Electric relayDC24V10 SETS
13ContactorAC220V3 SETS
14Leakage protection
15Circuit breaker
16Electrical accessories
17Electric control box
18Chamber bodyIndustrial aluminum alloy1 SET
19Electromagnetic water valve1”6 SETS
20Pipe fittings
21Immersion trayLoad weight:50Kg1 SET