IEC60529 IPX1to IPX9K Integrated Waterproof Degrees Ingress Protection Testing System

IEC60529 IPX1to IPX9K Integrated Waterproof Degrees Ingress Protection Testing System

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IEC60529 IPX1to IPX9K Integrated Waterproof Degrees Ingress Protection Testing System





IPX1to IPX9K waterproof degrees ingress protection test system is designed and setup according to IEC 60529 < Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP Code)>. 


The IP ratings testing system / test room is widely used in different kinds of laboratories, IPX1, IPX2, IPX3, IPX4, IPX5, IPX6, IPX7, IPX8, IPX9 test equipment can be randomly combinated according to the testing objects and purpose. 


HongCe has the ability to set up different waterproof degrees test system or testing room according to clients' requirements.


Configuration of IPX1 to IPX9K Waterproof Testing System / Room


 No.  HongCe Equipment Name and Model No.IP RatingRemarks
1Vertical Drip Box Waterproof Testing Machine HH0801IPX1, IPX2Can be independent
2Rain Oscillation Tube Tester HH0802IPX3, IPX4Can be independent
3Handheld Spray Nozzle Tester HH0803IPX3, IPX4Can be independent
4Handheld Jet Nozzle HH0804IPX5, IPX6Can be independent
5IPX7 Immersion Chamber & Integrted Smart Water Supply And Control System for IPX1-IPX8 HH0805IPX7Can be independent
6IPX8 Water Tightness Pressure Tester HH0806IPX8Can be independent
7IPX9/IPX9K Test Chamber HH0807IPX9, IPX9KIndependent
8Tiltable Rotating Stage TS-1
Turntable for test sample
9Rain gauge
10Air compressor


Technical characteristics:


Water supply system digitized precision water supplyWater supply device adopts to Turbine electronic flowmeter, digital cumulative flow meter, showing the current and cumulative flow, easy to read, fast, flow is accurate and stability.
ControlSet the flow, test time and other test parameters Directly on the touch screen or computer, without adjusting the mechanical parts.
There is a very good repeatability, that is, once finish debugging and measurement the parameters, then can be kept accurate all the time
Save the current test parameters, system can save the parameters for a long time, and with abnormal stop data retention function to prevent data loss in the abnormal state
PLC control mode or computer control adding inverter to achieve accurate flow, through the inverter to change the pump speed, and control flow accuracy.


Requirements of waterproof room:


1. The ground and the wall must be waterproof, pasted with the tiles, the wall to be affixed to 3 meters high, the top of should install waterproof lights.

2. There are drainage ditches around the ground, if the space is limited, there should be at least one drainage ditch, the drainage ditch (s) should have drain outlet.

3.Power supply:  three phase five wire, power 3KW, with leakage protection switch.

4.Should introduce tap water into laboratory.




HongCe participated in construction of ZBS electrical laboratory, supplied a series of test equipment including IPX1 o IPX7 testing system, we offered service from the beginning of planning to the finalizing of training.


 ZBS IPX1 to IPX7 Waterproof Degress Testing Room