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IEC 60529 Fig 2 Sand And Dust Test Chamber To Verify Protection Against Dust

IEC 60529 Fig 2 Sand And Dust Test Chamber To Verify Protection Against Dust

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IEC 60529 Figure 2 Sand And Dust Test Chamber



Product information:


The sand and dust test chamber is designed and manufactured according to IEC60529-2001 < Degrees of protection provided by enclosure (IP code)> Fig 2, IEC60598-1-2008 and etc. It artificially simulates the dust environment to test the dust-proof ability of the test samples.

The test device is suitable for electrical products’ sand and dust test of first characteristic numeral 5 and 6 (IPX5 and IPX6). It is used to test sealing parts and enclosure’s sand and dust resistance capacity of the electrical and electronic products, car and motorcycles spare parts and seals. In order to detect the use, storage, transport performance of the electrical and electronic products, car and motorcycles spare parts and seals under the sand and dust environment.

The chamber can provide a non-laminar flow of dust-loaded vertically circulating air, can be timed controlled; also be equipped with a vacuum pump which can vacuum the test sample, the exhaust volume and pressure can be adjusted; in addition, the inside chamber is configured with a airflow temperature control device, to ensure that the test is under standard environmental conditions.

The test equipment uses intelligent and humanized PLC control system, the inner of the test equipment is made of high quality SUS304 stainless steel, the enclosure is A3 plate electrostatic spraying. And it is also having large observation window and manual wiper device. The security protection is good.



Technical parameters:


Working size(mm)L1000*W1000*H1000
Outer size (mm)L1610*W1250*H1950
ParametersTemperature rangeRoom temperature
Test dustdry talc which can go through the sieve of 75μm and the square sieve of wire diameter 50μm.
Test sand (or talc) dosage2kg/m³
Extreme pressure of Vacuum pump2pa
Air pressure0.5~1.0Mpa
Sample rack height adjustment range0~750MM
Timing range0~99 hours 59 min
Timing accuracy±1min
Load cycle control0~99 hours 59 min
Ash blowing cycle control1s~9999 min
Sand and dust concentration2~4kg/m3
Air flow speed≤2m/s


The inner size of the sand and dust test chamber can be customized according to customer's test samples, except 1 cube chamber, HongCe also offer 80L, 150L, 225L, 408L, 800L ones.  For walk-in test chambers, we support  on-site installation and Commissioning.

Internal Dimensions

WxHxD (cm)


External Dimensions

WxHxD (cm)



HongCe waterproof and dustproof environmental test equipment are used for evaluating the effect of environment on devices, the effect of environment on devices include high and low temperature, humidity, salt spray, sand and dust, water and etc., to ensure the safety performance of the device on the environment. Such sand and dust test chamber, temperature and humidity test chamber, salt spray tester, IPX waterproof degree test device and etc.
Each of your and your customer's requirements can be fulfilled here!