IEC60065-1 Glow Wire Tester Simulates Thermal Stress Test Of Glowing Component Or Heat Source

IEC60065-1 Glow Wire Tester Simulates Thermal Stress Test Of Glowing Component Or Heat Source

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IEC60065 Glow-wire Tester GW-2



Conforms to IEC60695-2-10-13, IEC60335-1, IEC60598-1, IEC60745,IEC60065 and etc.



This device simulates the thermal stress test of glowing component or heat source like overload resistance or ignition source which is caused in a short time. It is suitable for electric and electronic products, household appliances and other material to do fire hazard testing. It is also used in the No flame ignition source fire test to test initiation temperature and flammability index of related glowing filament.


Test sample:

Electrical equipment and its components and parts, solid electrical insulating materials and other solid combustible materials.



Test principle: the glowing filament whose material and shape is required(Ni77/Cr20) is heated to the testing temperature of 550 ℃ ~ 960 ℃ for 1 min by using the glow wire tester with large current. Then using required pressure (0.95N) vertically burns the test sample for 30s. By observing whether the test sample and bedding object ignite or the burning time, the users can judge the ignition danger of electric and electronic products. It is used for the ignition test, ignition temperature (GWIT) test, flammability test and flammability index (GWFI) test of solid insulating material and other solid combustible material.




ParametersModelGW-2(Touch screen)
Working voltage220V/60Hz
Control operation modePLC control, 7 inch color touch screen operation, with infrared remote control
Glowing filamentФ4mm ± 0.04mm (> 77 % Ni/20 ± 1 % Cr) special standard ring shape,horizontal standing
Specimen pressure on glowing filament0.95N±0.1N
Maximum depth of heating7mm ± 0.5mm
Specimen movement speed10mm /s ~ 25mm /s
Temperature calibrationCalibration temperature:960°±10°C, the hot wire by electric heating
Thermocouple: RS imported 1mm armour nickel-chromium/nickel/ nickel aluminum K-Thermocouple, temperature resistance 1100°
Silver foil: purity 99.8%, area :2m², thickness:0.06mm
TrayA layer of silk paper (12~30g/m³) is covered on the 10mm thick pine board, with a distance of 200±5mm below the test sample
Test chamber>0.5 cube,sample distance from the inside of the box is greater than 100mm, black yogon background,background illuminance ≤ 20Lx,with exhaust fan
Testing time30s±1s
Test procedureThe test sample is driven by the car and automatic run, the car will return automatically after glow-wire entered the test sample of 7mm
LightingEquip with lighting in the test chamber, with control