Half - Sine Wave 300kgf Battery Testing Equipment with Vibration Shock Test Bench / LCD Display

Half - Sine Wave 300kgf Battery Testing Equipment with Vibration Shock Test Bench / LCD Display

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LCD Display Half-Sine Wave 300kgf Battery Test Equipment Of Vibration Shock Test Bench





IEC62133 clause 7.2.2,IEC60086-4 clause 6.4.3, IEC 60086-1, GB/T 31241-2014 and etc.




The vibration test can be used to find early failure of the battery, simulate actual condition assessment and structural strength test. The product has a wide range of applications, wide application area, and significant and reliable test results. It is an ideal battery-specific vibration for battery manufacturers, quality inspection departments and research institutes. Test Equipment. It is suitable for testing various types of single cells and battery packs such as charging treasure, lithium ion, nickel hydrogen, nickel cadmium, lead acid, and metal hydride nickel.

The vibration test can also be used for fatigue testing of products to assess the life of the product.




Vibration System
Rated Sine Force


Rated Random Force


Rated Shock Force


Frequency Range5~4000Hz
Max. Displacement25.4mm
Shock Displacement


Max. Velocity


Max. Acceleration


Armature Diameter


First Resonance Frequency


Max. Eccentric Torsion


Mass of Moving elements


Load Connection Point13 Connection Point
Bench Screw Size (Standard)


Bench Screw layout

(diameter ,square)

Φ60mm 6 piece,Φ120mm 6 piece
Axial Vibration Isolation Frequency<3Hz
Max. Loading


Magnetic leakage<3mT (≤1mT optional for special requirement )

Dimension(uncrated )(L×W×H)




Power Amplifier



Signal-to-Noise Ratio>65dB
Amplifier TypeDigital ON/OFF Power Amplifier
Power Amplifier Display

With perfect alarm and protection devices for LCD display over current, over voltage ,bench temperature etc . And voltage , current protection for sine,random RMS

Power amplifier logic moduleAmplifier main control panel adopt CPU control, with self-inspection function .
Amplifier with fault memory function

With fault memorize function, available to check fault reason easily. And whole testing time,last time testing time check available

System Protection

Functions include: over voltage, under voltage,default phase, logic fault,power module protection, power module temperature, over current, over voltage, power souce, bench displacement, bench temperature, external connection circuit protection . Any fault occur, output closed. Meanwhile with alarming.


Adopt MOSFET transistor field effect module technology ,logic module with CPU micro-processor real time sampling,protection,LCD display,record running time,fault states,maximum output, complied with CE requirements; Power amplifier with IGBTmodule .
Rated Output Voltage


Amplifier Efficiency


Dimension (uncrated)(L×W×H)


Weight(Uncrated )





Air Flow


Air Pressure



Product information


It consist of Vibration System, Vibration Controller and other accessories .please refer to the information of the parts as below:


System Introduction:


1.Double magnetic circuit structure to ensure high magnetic field intensity & reduce flux leakage;

Special degaussing structure can reduce flux leakage to below 1 mt

 2.U-type spring ,rollers and linear bearing for strong resistance of deflecting load

3.Air spring are used for vibration isolation; Vibration system work steadily even with heavy load;

no need special foundation

4.Protection devices are provided for over-thermal, over-load, over-current, over-voltage, and

over-displacement of the vibration tester; Electrical network protection devices for over-voltage,

under-voltage, lacking phase; Drive power , current-limiting , soft-start, over-temperature,

short-current,module fault protecting

5.Able to complete sine ,random , impact environmental tests

6.This system requires voltage fluctuation, ≤±10%

7.This system requires Grounding resistance, ≤4Ω

8.High reliability, especially suitable for long-time operation


Digital Switch Type Amplifier Introduction:

This system adopts the sine pulse width modulation technology of digital power amplifier.Its working

principle Is:using the MOSFET field-effect’s high frequency switch power, through digital circuit to amplify and restore the low-voltage signal which input by controller, Then the output the original signal to vibration

tester's moving coil circuit,and drive vibration tester's extension table movement.The main part of the digital power amplifier: the front control, power amplifier module, protection circuit, the power part and electric cabinet.


Digital Switch Type Amplifier Features:


1.Easy maintenance: Interchangeable power module box, compact design, saving space, easy to


2.LCD display:

Logic module adopts microcomputer CPU chip processor, LCD display function;Can be showed

various system data in detail (The power amplify output True RMS value, with additional data

display) and operation state and fault judgment.With remote control, remote measuring, remote

communication function, friendly interface, easy operation.


Digital Switch Type Amplifier Protection function:


The power amplifier set up protection of power grid over-voltage, power grid under-voltage, power

grid lack of phase, logic fault, power module, power temperature module,output over-current, output

over-voltage,driving power, the table’s displacement, table temperature, etc. Any failure occurs, shut

down output,with sound and lighting alarm at the same time. Except the above protection, also has poor

RMS value the protection, and emergency stop protection.

High conversion efficiency ( higher than 92%) ,and high convert ion frequency


Horizontal Slip Table:


With horizontal slip table ,the electrodynamic vibration tester able for X,Y,Z trial direction testing.And can combine temperature humidity test system do combined environmental testing .With turbo - scroll bar or chain wheel rotation system, one person can easily rotate the vibration bench and connect it to the horizontal table.Adopt mechanical position limitation to ensure the connection between the vibration system and horizontal slip table. Multi size slip table available, from 300mm×300mm(for small vibration system)to large specimen test 2m×2m slip table. Different bearing limitation able to perform different operation and comply different requirements. The thickness and size of the slip table will influence the vibration system performance, and affect the high limitation frequency , user can customize it.


Digital Controller Features


Vibration controller is the latest design by ucon company that adopts international advanced distributed system architecture, and its core is the latest TMS320 series 32-bit floating-point high-speed processor of TI company. Test report is automatically generated in Microsoft Word. During or after the testing, the test report can be edited, and then generated automatically or manually.


Hardware Standard



(1)2 channels

(2)Resolution : 24-bit analog-to-digital conversion (ADC)

(3)Input impedance : 220 k Ω

(4) Built-in charge amplifier and ICP constant-current source, the voltage & ICP acceleration

sensor can be directly connected

(5)Signal to noise ratio: >100dB



Channel Quantity :1 channel output

Resolution:24-bit digital-to-analog conversion (DAC)

Control Software Index


Random Performance Index:


Control Mode:PSD

Resolution: Max. 320000 lines

Frequency Range:DC~4800Hz

Control Dynamic Range:85dB

Control Accuracy: ±1dB ,

Closed-Loop Time: typically 100ms




Control Mode : sinusoidal waveform controlling

Frequency Range:1~5000Hz,

Dynamic Control Range:95dB

Closed-Loop Time:10ms;

Control Accuracy:±1dB;Sweep velocity 1octave/min,Q value 50

Frequency Resolution :0.001%

Sweep Velocity: linear sweep 0 to 6000hz/s; logarithmic sweep 0 ~ 100 Oct/min

Wave Distortion: <0.3%




Control Mode : Limited long time or wave control;

Shock Mode: half-sine wave;

Frequency Range:DC~22000Hz;

Frame: Max.32K Duration Time : 0.5-3000ms

Compensation Mode: pre-pulse, after-pulse, pre/after-pulse

Control Performance: dynamic range higher than 90dB