GB4706-2005 Portable Thermocouple Welder Safety Impact Testing Machines 50HZ 200VA

GB4706-2005 Portable Thermocouple Welder Safety Impact Testing Machines 50HZ 200VA

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Thermocouple Impact Welder Safety Electrical Appliance Tester



Product information:

It conforms to the GB4706-2005 standard requirement. It is suitable for fine-wire thermocouples and node welding(≤Ф0.5 mm)which is a little bigger than fine-wire thermocouples. Attention should be paid to power socket which should be connected with grounding electrode thus to make sure the safety of welding personnel when operating. The welding part is adopted Ⅲ category structure, with safe low voltage power supply. So the graphite electrode and electrode holder can be touched. So that the operating personnel works in a very safe environment.



Operating points:


1. Put the welding machine on the left side of the working table. Separate the electrode holder and graphite electrode on the surface of the table. And then use a heavy object to press graphite electrode leading wire to make sure any plane of the graphite electrode keep flat or use double faced adhesive tape glue on the machine box.

2. Working power (220V±10%, 50HZ, 200VA) is supplied, and then turn on the back power switch. At that time, the power switch indicator light is on;

3. AdjustⅠgear toⅡgear according to the need. When using the thermocouple wire under Φ0.25mm for welding or if you want the smaller welded joint diameter, Ⅰgear is suggested. As the thermocouple diameter increasing, Ⅰgear andⅡgear can be used together.

4. Lightly touch the energy storage switch, energy storage finish until indicator light is put out;

5. Using wire stripper strip the protective jacket of thermocouple wire about 20mm ,and then use wire stripper strip a length about 5mm of the metal core wire, and splice two piece of the core wire, clamp the metal part on the “electrode holder” which has been through special processing, splicing part is showed 2 to 3mm;

6. Grasp the thermocouple wire and electrode holder by hand, to make the core wire which is showed on electrode holder perpendicular to graphite plane, when hear a sound of “clap”, finish the welding. Press the energy storage button again, to prepare for the next cycle operation;

7. Inspect the welding spot, the diameter of the welding spot is required to be as small as possible, usually it is thermocouple wire diameter of twice or bigger, the node is presented spherical, pore-free and no occluded foreign substance, smooth surface with metallic luster.

Warning: Welding is forbidden when the energy storage indicator is on!