Durable Impact Testing Machine Pendulum Swinging Hammer Test Apparatus

Durable Impact Testing Machine Pendulum Swinging Hammer Test Apparatus

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90J IEC60068-2-75 Impact Testing Machine Pendulum Swinging Hammer Test Apparatus



Product information:

The test apparatus is designed and manufactured according to the requirements of IEC61439-1:2009,IEC62262:2002 clause 6 and IEC60068-2-75, it applies to test the mechanical collision strength degree when the electrical equipment shells collide external objects.


The frame of this device is welded by stainless steel, the structure is compact and durable. The mounting brackets can be adjusted up and down, and the impact angle is 0-90 ° adjustable, the whole test apparatus is easy to be operated.


Technical parameters:

1Pendulum rod angle0-90 ° adjustable, scale display
2Pendulum rod length1000mm
3Striking element5J, 10J, 20J ,50J (90J share the same striking element of 50J ),one of each
4Impact height200mm~1200mm adjustable


Impact energy, equivalent mass and drop height chart:

Equivalent mass kg(±2%)1.7



Height of fall mm±1%300200400



Mechanical Principles:

This apparatus is designed and manufactured according to IEC 60068-2-75, the front end of the pendulum rod is connected to striking elements, adjust the pendulum rod to a certain height and release it, then the pendulum rod swing freely to impact the test sample surface within a define area. Different equivalent mass striking elements are corresponding to different impact energies, and applies to different electrical equipment enclosure strength test.


Test Procedures:

1. Move the test apparatus to the suitable location before the test sample, adjust the ground screws to make the test apparatus placed level, at this time, the test apparatus is supported by ground screws and the casters are off the ground.

2. Install the proper striking element according to required striking energy on the pendulum rod.
Installation and replacement method: Screw out the fixed bolt, screw the selected striking element on the pendulum rod, then tighten the bolts.

3. Move the tester to the suitable position where the sample is to be tested, adjust the caster to make the horizontal bubble in the center position, ensure the tester on level ground and casters rigid contact ground.

4. Adjust the rising handwheel to make the striking element alignment the impact point, tighten the fixed bolt on the guide to fix the lifting device.

5. Adjust the pendulum rod to the required height of striking element, put the pendulum rod in the release clamp, user can adjust the pendulum rod according to the dial scale and the scale display on the removable tray.

6. The striking element will impact the sample when the release pin is released.

Remark: Avoid re-impact.

7. For different test requirements please replace the striking element according to the above steps. Note: When testing the striking element of 50J please use the release pin on the upper part of the long release rod, at the same time, please make sure the lower release pin has been returned.

Please replace the short release rod when testing the striking element of 90J.