Apparatus For Making And Breaking Capacity Normal Operation Tests EN60669-1 Fig12

Apparatus For Making And Breaking Capacity Normal Operation Tests EN60669-1 Fig12

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Apparatus For Making And Breaking Capacity Normal Operation Tests EN60669-1 Fig12



Products Introduction:

The test machine is designed and manufactured according to EN 60669-1 Fig 12 and 18, IEC 60884-1 clauses 20 and 21 figure 16, and etc. It is applicable for the switches breaking capacity and normal operation life test of household and similar fixed electrical installations, also suitable for plugs and sockets’ breaking capacity and normal operation life testing of the household and similar usages. The test equipment simulates the switches, plugs, sockets and fuses’ long-time rotation, insertion and withdraw actions, the purpose is assessing whether the switches, plugs and sockets and fuses are able to withstand the normal use of mechanical damage and electrical fatigue damage, and whether the contact points has adhesion phenomenon, long-term closed or disconnected phenomena, to examine whether the test samples are excessive worn or have other harmful consequences. It is special test equipment for switches and plug-sockets electrical endurance test.

The test equipment can do endurance testing for button switches, toggle switches, rocker switches, pull switches,rotary switches. Coupled with the load (resistive, inductive and capacitive) can process loading test, it has a corresponding control system.

The test machine is made of aluminum frame, stainless steel seal plate, driven by the servo motor and ball screw, with 7-inch color touch screen, PLC control system, humanity operation interface and powerful digital display. The test times, conduction current time, test speed, test stroke can be preset. It has current display function that can show the sample’s conduction current. The whole test machine has 3 working stations, can process rotary switch test, linear switches test, and pull switches test. When there are continuously switched on or off due to the adhesion or failure, it will alarm and record the appropriate number of experiments, and it alarms when the test times reach the preset value. The test machine will automatically stop when an alarm occurs.


Technical parameters:

Parameters NameParameter DataRemark
PowerAC220V±10%, 50Hz
Work station3 work stations, linear mode, pull mode and rotary mode
Operation interface7 inch color LCD touch screen
Drive modeServo motor, three stations independent drive
Control systemPLC control
Test times0~999999 times, can be preset
Conduction time0~999.9s, can be preset
Break time0~999.9s, can be preset
Test stroke

Linear: 0 ~ 100mm, adjustable

Rotation: 0~999.9°, adjustable

Test speed10 ~ 200mm/s, adjustable
AlarmComplete alarm / current alarm / adhesion alarm
Load testWith load interface, can be tested when connect with load
Test environment

Atmospheric pressure 80 ~ 106kpa;

Ambient temperature 5 ~ 40℃; Relative humidity (20 ~ 90)%RH; Use place: no violent shaking, no vibration, no electromagnetic interference, no dust, no explosive or corrosive gas, good heat dissipation