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Adjustable ISO 4892 Xeon Lamp Weather Resistance Test Chamber

Adjustable ISO 4892 Xeon Lamp Weather Resistance Test Chamber

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Adjustable ISO 4892 Xeon Lamp Weather Resistance Test Chamber

Product information:

This part of ISO 4892 specifies methods for exposing specimens to xenon-arc light in the presence of moisture to reproduce the weathering effects that occur when materials are exposed in actual end-use environments to daylight or to daylight filtered through window glass.


The specimens are exposed to filtered xenon-arc light under controlled conditions (temperature, humidity and/or welting). Various types of xenon-arc light source and various filter combinations may be used to meet different requirements.

Xenon arc lamp test chamber can be used for the choice of new materials, change the existing materials or evaluate durability of the change test after the material composition, it can very good simulate the changes caused by the materials exposed to the sunlight under different environmental conditions


Through the material samples exposed in the light of the xenon arc lamp and thermal radiation for proceeding aging test, to evaluate the light resistance and weather resistance of some materials under high temperature. Mainly used in automotive, coatings, rubber, plastics, paints, adhesives, fabric etc.


Technical parameters:

Item nameParameters
Temperature rangeRT+10℃~+100 ℃ (Air cooled type)
Humidity range45%R.H~75%R.H adjustable
Irradiation intensity300-600W/M2 adjustable
Radiation intensity measurementAutomatic measurement
Distance from arc center to sample200~500mm adjustable
Dark cycle and irradiation cycle0~9999H adjustable
Rain cycle0~9999min adjustable
Xenon lamp powerLong arc xenon lamp,2.5KW X (3pcs)
Temperature uniformity≤3℃
Temperature deviation≤±2℃
Humidity range50%R.H±5%R.H
Spray cycle(Water spray time / no water spray time):18min/102min or 12min/48min(Water spray time / no water spray time) pressure of spray water 0.12~0.15Mpa.
Heating power1.5KW
Wetting power1KW
Light period continuously adjustable time1~530 hours
Spectral wavelength290-800nm

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