Ingress Protection Test Equipment

100 ~ 150MM Jet Distance Ingress Protection Test Equipment / IPX9K High Pressure Fan Spray Test Chamber

100 ~ 150MM Jet Distance Ingress Protection Test Equipment / IPX9K High Pressure Fan Spray Test Chamber

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Ipx9k High Pressure Fan Spray Test Chamber Ingress Protection Test Equipment With 100 ~ 150MM Jet Distance



IEC60529, GB4208, DIN40050-9, IS020653, EN 60529, DIN 40050-9, etc.



IPX9K rain test chamber has a great effect on the aging of products, the fading of pigments and corrosion of metals, which make the aging test gaining increasing attention by the rubber, plastics, chemicals, automotive, textile and other industries. There are many factors of Climate environment such as temperature, humidity, rain, etc., The rain test chamber is one kind of environmental test equipment for simulating rainy environment.


It is used to inspect the IEC enclosures for the electrical equipment (IP supplementary code test), and it is applicable for waterproof testing of the electrical and auto parts under high temperature and high pressure. This product is scientifically designed, so that the equipment can realistic simulate the water spray environment. It adopts digital and frequency control technology and the rainfall, the rotation angle of Shelf, the swing angle of the spray pendulum and the swing frequency of the swing tube can be automatically adjusted.


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Technical Parameters:

  1. Inner chamber size: 1650mm (W) * 1450mm(H)* 1650mm(D).

  2. Outside chamber size: 1950mm (W) * 2350mm(H)* 2250mm(D).

  3. Jet system: chamber consists of imported Italian high-pressure pump, water pressure gauge, solenoid valve, and hydraulic pipes.

  4. Water jet angle: 0 °, 30 °, 60 °, 90 °, should mark the scale and each angle water jet 30 seconds. (4 angles take turns to work until the test time is over)

  5. Jet distance: 100 ~ 150mm (adjustable with the change of test samples)

  6. Water jet flow and pressure :14 ~ 16L / min (800 ~ 1000Bar)

  7. Pipe diameter: 3/4”.

  8. Number of jet holes: 4

  9. hot water injection test temperature: 85 ℃

  10. Jet water pressure: 80-100 Bar (8000 ~ 10000Kpa), 100kg, with touch screen display.

  11. Cold water temperature: 4-15℃.

  12. Water jet flow: 5-16L/ min, adjusted automatically. (Add a 6KW frequency converter, can preset the water flow on the program interface.

  13. Turntable: Product should be placed on turntable, rotation speed: 5rpm/min, bearing capacity: ≤30Kgs. (Displayable)

  14. Interval jet time: 30s(Adjustable)

  15. Run time control: 1min ~ 9999min (Adjustable).

  16. Water jet surface: Front of the product.

  17. Water jet pressure gauge: pressure can be displayed

  18. Control System: Touch-screen control system

  19. Outside chamber adopts tempered glass as a waterproof wall and stainless steel square tube as a bracket.

  20. Test condition and process:

  21. Cold water: 4-15℃, 15L/min, test time: 20-25min, Temperature deviation: ±3℃.

  22. Hot water injection:65-67℃, 15L/min, test time: 20-25min, , Temperature deviation: ±3℃.

Technical Index:

1.The test room consist of test chamber, cold water storage tank, hot water storage tank, control boxes, product dewatering buffer and Jet system.


2.Chamber Structure with SUS 304 stainless steel. Inner chamber: 3mm thick 304 stainless steel; Shell: 2mm thick 304 stainless. the thickness of the steels should ensure that t Should ensure that the chamber can withstand the water pressure of the test.